Welcome to Dongguan Feng Ling Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.!

Dongguan City, Feng Ling Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, the PRD earlier warehousing and logistics equipment manufacturers, is specialized in the production logistics, warehousing and logistics consulting and planning, logistics and equipment production (storage cage, the component type shelves, logistics vehicles, working vehicles, auto parts car turnaround, logistics planning), sales and installation in integrated integrators. The company has a number of excellent precision production equipment, professional logistics and technical personnel to service-oriented industry... MORE>>

We are able to provide sophisticated logistics technology

Technology can create value
Providing technical production logistics, distribution centers and logistics park planning techniques.

We can provide effcient logistics products

Equipment to improve efficiency
Developed and manufactured to match the industry to make logistics more logistics equipment motorization and automation

We can create more profits for you

Reduce costs is to increase profits
Optimizing the supply chain and logistics every aspect of the plant, and thus greatly reduce logistics costs and create new profit
Dongguan Feng Ling service commitment as a professional warehousing logistics equipment, shelving manufacturer, we emphasize service marketing, emphasizing service response timeliness and quality of service, so that every one in Dongguan Feng Ling logistics equipment customers from worries, this we have established dedicated customer service department, the first time to deal with customer complaints and needs...MORE>>

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